The concepts of resilience and sensitivity, pessimism and optimism, hurt and strength, feeling and being stone hearted; have become too mingled up for us Pakisanis since last Tuesday (16-12-14). The terrorists have taken away many innocent lives but along with that they have invoked many things in us as well (I am not going through any more details of how they did it, we all know it and would remember it till our last breath).

The most important question that is being asked here again and again is that are we resilient or have we grown insensitive. The debate sounds really convincing as it is backed by the emotional arguments but if we look at the definition of resilience, it goes like “the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity” and “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness” (Google). So it won’t be fair to call it insensitivity, or would it be?

They (the terrorists) have shaken us so badly that we have this enormous overflow of emotions and this outburst of emotions is natural but the point of concern is that we don’t even know what to do with all these emotions. They seem to have been pent up for so long. It is moments like these in which the real form of our expression comes out; i see all these comments on social media where people are making all sorts of points, blaming one party or another, shaming institutions and individuals, EXPRESSING ANGER in one direction or the other. And then i just look at my people, people of Peshawar, they are hurt but they are not handicapped, they are angry but they are not violent, they are staggering but they are not stopping. And their not stopping, for me is their resilience, their starting of the normal life is their strength for me. I came to Peshawar last Friday and i saw the deserted roads but on the very next day the roads and bazaars took up pace and the humdrum was back, the city seemed alive. They mourned and then carried on with life, this is resilience for me. Not being afraid and the ability to control the anger is resilience for me.

The incident would not and should not be forgotten but is holding it tightly benefiting us in anyway? I am just concerned as to how to give space to those parents and children of the teachers to hold their lost loved one’s in their hearts, i want to give them the space to sow their love in their hearts, i want them to have time to care for and flourish that love so that it heals them. Emotions are like tiny bursts of fire works…..if we direct them too close to earth, we might burn our hands or hurt others in the surroundings, but if we carry them high and strong they light up the sky.

Yes the incidence is very horrendous to say the least, yes it was our children, yes it was inhuman; but living in this geographical and political mess, we have suffered much and there is no surety of this ending soon so the point is that how are we taking it all, how is it affecting our ‘self’, how is it changing or chiseling our inner being.

It is a moment for self-growth, we hold a strong religious belief in fate and concepts of life and death. And we also know the fate of the zalim (cruel) and mazlum (sufferer). So this moment has been given to us to process our own self and make meanings for ourselves, times like this change our perspectives of life so lets just look inwards and build a stronger self rather than just crying over what’s lost. People do horrible things to others, the innocent have to suffer, human life is loosing its worth….think over these things and see what they mean to you, if we make peace with our emotions, the anger is automatically replaced by rational reasoning……..


2 thoughts on “Resilience and Strength

  1. Anyone who supports terrorism, anyone who sees terrorism as a legitimate means, anyone who uses terrorism to cause the death of innocent people is a terrorist in my eyes…
    Milos Zeman

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