Yesterday was the worst nightmare for everyone who belongs to Pakistan or rather i would say anyone in the world who is connected to humanity by even a frail thread. More than a 100 students, children, minor little children were massacred barbarically along with their teachers on their school premises by some armed inhuman beings, in the name of revenge. They were martyred because their fathers are fighting the war on terror, they payed for an act of protecting masses within their motherland as well as a major chunk of the world. Their precious blood was spilled for every bloody reason that their fathers never imagined would happen to their children, they had left them here for safety while they took charge at the borders. It kills me to think of how many mothers might have died in the last one night and for how long would they carry their corpses to go through this life.

My beautiful city Peshawar has payed the worst price for all that has happened. It is a place that we call home, it is a place that warms up our hearts and these hell of monsters have tried to harm its integrity once again but this time the brutality is beyond grasp of any sane the human mind. I am hurting like all my country men and women, i am frustrated at these events, and i am afraid for all the people i love. Being far from home, there is this urge to look at my loved ones, to touch them and ensure that they are fine and safe just the way i left them. We have never felt this unsafe, we the people of Pakistan are a very resilient nation, and i know we would survive this one too but i am thinking about our children, the coming generations.

The cognitive behavioral psychology, talks about the role of schemas (the belief patterns that determine our outlook on life) in our behaviors and the appraisal of the events around us. Once a schema forms, it becomes the glass through which we would view everything around us. Mal-adaptive schemas lead us to dysfunctional behaviors and these are usually formed through early learning or a traumatic event, in a few people that leads to mental illness and syndromes. My question here is that what do we do with an entire generation that grows up with a schema of “vulnerability to harm”? What do we do if they have a strong world view of “world is a dangerous place” “People are all hurtful”? How do we deal with these children if they learn that “Human life has no value”? I mean WHAT????

It is happening to us right here in front of our eyes and we are not even able to tell them that it is not true because now they are experiencing it first hand on their own. How many children would we treat? How many schemas can we unearth-en? How many mothers would be secure about sending their children out for anything?

These thoughts are taking the best of me and this pain is way too much to be silently contained. I pray for all the parents who lost their precious gems yesterday, we all know that they are in a much better place. I pray the parents have the courage to bear this extreme loss. May Allah be with us all…Ameen


6 thoughts on “Losing a generation

  1. As long as men can turn to religion to justify their actions, they can be persuaded to kill. Maybe we should kill religion?

    1. I think religion is what makes us just, it gives us a way of life. These people are misinterpreting the religion. Its the lack of education and knowledge of the religion that lead them to these justifications.

      1. All wars are economic. Religion, tribalism, patriotism and the like are merely there to muster the troops. Right and wrong are genetic, and existed long before religion was invented.

      2. Always the little guy pays. The meek shall inherit the earth but not its mineral rights. The problem is, too many little guys are willing to take up arms to keep the fat cats rich. Fools!

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