Aristotle said that “Man is by nature a social animal”, we are born into this world in a web of relationships and we add to this web as we grow older. We cannot survive alone in this world so on every stage of our life we form bonds, get into relationships, sometimes with the same people again and again; and at times with new people on every step. The first ever relationship that we form is with the parents to whom we are born, we depend on them for our survival for a considerable time, till we find our peers who lead us towards discovering the secrets of the world and open new perspectives that were so far hidden from us. As we grow older, we discover the forbidden fruit of young love and form deeper relationships that make us emotionally vulnerable and at the stake of another person; at times these relationships continue and at others they break, tearing us badly.

At all these times, whenever there is a bump on the way we always find ourselves back to where we started from; back to the first string of this web that makes our lives. We lean back on our parents because we know that they would be there to hold our back, no matter what goes wrong, no matter how wrong we are, they are always there standing firm to give us a hand.

I often wonder, what are parents made up of like it has to be something too special for they have hearts made of gold that can melt at the sight of their children. They have rules made of steel but they have doors in them that open with a key of love. They have eyes that only emit warmth, and they have forgiveness as their aura for no matter what the children do they endure it just for their happiness. It takes some very precious qualities from the Creator’s treasure to mold parents.

There are times when i can see a bit of them (my parents) in me. Often, people tell me that i resemble my mother, they tell me that i have the confidence of my father. When i look at the mirror i see the green of my mother’s eyes and brown of my father’s in my own hazel eyes, as i am typing (right now) i see the delicate curves of my mother’s fingers and the fullness of my father’s hands in my own. It like i am them, i am an extension of them and in this moment all the relationships that i have ever formed seem so remote because what can be greater than this affinity. And can i imagine how the parents feel about us? Not in a million years i would say.

Parents are precious; they nurture us and protect us like we are their sole treasures but come to think of it, its not them who need us, its us. They don’t come to us for hugs or advice, they don’t depend on us and they don’t need us as their backup. Its us; so why do we ever break them, why do we have to show them that we have moved on (grown up) and we have new bonds that are better than them. We need to keep them close and hold them tightly, for we all have to leave this world but we certainly don’t want to cry in despair for making those eyes cry who only wanted a glimpse of us.

I believe that everything was made with a purpose and parents, above all, were made to be treasured, respected, loved, and adored!!!!


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