There is this very funny thing called “Pain” that defines most of our lives and glints in the decisions we make for ourselves. I was watching this movie awhile ago and i was left with this eerie feeling by the end because life went on for all of them…..everything was the same, just one person was missing, the one person who brought them all together was no more but everything went on as it was, nothing stopped, i felt sad but then i was smiling because everything went on perfectly.

Most of our life is spent in avoiding this thing called pain; we fear it, we run from it, we ignore it, we find ways to live around it, and we pray that we never come across it. But its always there, every single moment it sits there by our side ready to grip us tightly. It is sharp yet its not swift, it gets a hold of us but seeps in like water; drop by drop but settles only when it fills us to the brim and we can breath no more.

It seems to me that a person is born into this world with a whole heart but in due time life digs into this heart and all these craters are then filled up with pain, to make us whole again. Its funny when we look at it in this way but see the pain never leaves us it is there but still we are all well functioning people. People live no matter how much they loose, they get up no matter how hard they fall, they mend no matter how hard they crack, and they move forward no matter how heavy the shackles are in their feet; and every time you ask them how, they would tell you that pain guided their journey.

Ignorance is a bliss i guess because the more we know and the more we think, the more it disturbs us. People loose their parents and they live, they loose their children and they still live, they loose parts of themselves and still they survive because nature mends them through pain. And as much as i know it; it makes my fear grow stronger, and this fear makes me more positive about the life i have.

I know that i have to cherish those i love while i am still by their side, because i know i am going to cherish them till the moment i take my last breath, but whats the point of cherishing them with the pain stabbing my chest. I would cherish them as much as i can while the pain is nowhere in sight. We all need to make our smiles so contagious that everyone forgets their stabbing pain in our presence…….and we all need to make sure that we don’t dig at any hearts, knowingly so that pain has a hard time finding its way.