The concept of reality and truth has been very vague long since the conception of the recording of the thoughts of great minds. I add truth to it because truth is often told and seldom seen and whatever is told has to have a tinge of surrealism to it. So the question has always been that what is the actual reality, be it the reality of our existence, anyone’s behavior, any event, or of our own behavioral interactions.

Over the years theorists like the constructivists, noted that we construct our realities ourselves. We sense, perceive, and then derive our own meanings to the reality. Associationists attributed our ability to associate things into meaningful wholes to the understanding of our reality. And then finally the critical theorists who brought in the scientific concepts in understanding the reality.

If we closely observe the way we think, understand, and respond to the people around us, it is surprising to know that we are all stuck in many of these theoretical orientations. We go with the obvious, we make assumptions, and we go with whatever comes first; never going beyond the picture and never giving the other people the benefit of doubt.

We walk out of our homes everyday thinking how people would look at us but we ourselves hardly notice a few people who come head straight towards us. The world is a blurred mirage for most of our senses, like the buzzing of a bee or the ticking of a wall clock that we only notice when everything else becomes too consistent with the surroundings or when someone points it out to you. The human behaviors appear to me with in the same phenomenon, our mind is in a flow a constant coming and going of splashing waves through a dark tunnel, these waves are mostly audible but only visible when they pass through the slight openings of light. It is these slight illuminations that makes us take notice of specific things, and by illumination i do not mean the sudden intellectual awakenings its just a random attentional phase like the accurately distanced street lights on a dark alley.

When the distance between these street lights gets random and we start focusing on the less important, non-significant parts….that is where a totally new stream breaks out. Human mind and conscious gets as complicated as we try to unravel it but this is how i see it……this is how a dysfunctional thought occurs for me 🙂


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