Have you ever imagined being locked up in a sound proof room with a one way mirror, knowing that there are people on the other side watching you but not knowing if they know you need help. Knowing well that they might be seeing you jumping, shouting, freaking out; and knowing that they are not able to understand a single bit of your words or actions. Can you imagine the feeling you might have when this happens?

You would be frustrated, a little hurt to, and tired of all the exertion that you are carrying out, you would feel left out!!!!

Being in the field of mental health, we conveniently talk about the concepts of health, normality, and the inability to function adequately day in and day out. We have learnt all the criteria, the treatments, the courses, and the rehabilitation processes and we are apt in diagnosing, classifying, differentiating, and treating. But it does make me wonder how all of these things sensitize us professionals, we move on from the pain that we feel at the start of our professional journey. It is good because it makes us objective but it is bad because it turns us blind. We train to listen as if our life counts of it but then we turn deaf and blind to a lot of sounds and sights right in front of us.

Today i saw someone who felt left out but it was worst than the aforementioned scenario, i saw someone calling from behind a wall of Schizophrenia. The wall was pretty thick, it was sound proof, it was made up of moments of despair, it was wound by a thick string of confusions, and it was strengthened by convoluted uncertainty. And it fed just like a creeper, on the mind of the very person and took its strength from there.

Mental Health is something that can never be emphasized enough, I hope that we don’t loose this sensitivity on our way and these fabrics that cover up many bright people, momentarily blurring their perceptions of us and ours of them and always perceptible to us. All it takes is a pull to take them out of it, i wish some day we can sensitize the world enough to make all the pulls available to those in need.


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