Discovering Thy Self…

I asked my students today that what do you think your future holds for you or better still what do you intend to do in the near future, professionally. The class, by the way, is in the last semester of their professional bachelors. The answers were surprising because they have spent 22-23 years of their lives but still they can’t figure out what they want.

This is the dilemma of all our youngsters, for they are not facilitated to pass through the phase of discovering themselves. They are not let to stumble at a younger age due to which they stumble at a much later age, when they should have found some solid ground to stand up on. It is I guess the difference of opinions that leads them there. We all know experience leads us to take the best decisions but we cannot be sure that one person’s experience is capable of deciding right for another person’s life. Those who have had a blessed life cannot know the pain of those who had to suffer. And those who had struggled but their offspring’s are privileged have very different set of opportunities and angles to look at the world.

I remembe when I had to choose my courses through out my academic years. Today i sure do get a laugh or two when anyone inquires about the subjects that I had and I won’t blame them because I did wander around to reach where I am today. At one time out of the blue I studied Fine Arts for 2 whole years, and then the following 2 years were dedicated to English Literature but always having Psychology as a minor and it was after these 4 years that I learnt that my true calling is in Psychology. But if I look at those experiences now, I would not have been the person I am today if I had not known that Gulgee’s paintings have a peaceful mirage or that Sadeqain painted his inner frustration in the form of those brilliant cactus plants. I would not have been able to applaud structures if i had not know the magnificent Roman temples and the sophisticated landscapes of Mughal courtyards. I would not have had the subtle perspective of pondering if I had not known the youthful provocation that Iqbal used to arouse his Nation’s youth and the mocking that Manto provided to the face of the governing class of his country via the obscene reality in his writings. I would not have had the tolerance for differences if I had not known the independent women of Austen and the romantic ballads of Keats. And I would definitely have lacked sensitivity if I had not known the satire of Shakespeare and the analytical depths of Sigmund Freud’s work.

It is this rambling and stumbling that has made me what I am today. And am glad that my parents let me wander. I wish it for all the youngsters of today so that they know that things have a latent aspect to them as well that you have to reach out to and everything is not always mere obvious or logic.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
This is the most commonly asked question from a kid over his/her growing years. The kid tries to be as imaginative and truthful as he can and comes up with answers like, I want to be a doctor, I would be a pilot, I am going to be an engineer. But have we ever noticed that our kids don’t say that they would like to be painters or artists, poets or writers.

Do people with a rich imagination and a touch of art not earn? Yes they do, do they not have a life, yes that do. Is it a shameful job, as long as you are earning of your own hard work, how it can be.

The children imitate what they see around them as they are growing up. We hold the beliefs that we are exposed to, and we choose the professions that we are told are appropriate. If a child says he or she wants to be a musician we might laugh it him and then ask again ok but what would u actually be, giving the child the idea that what he thought was absolutely absurd. Children are like clay, scraping, caressing, and handling with the right amount of pressure shapes them best.

Like Paulo Coelho writes, we are told to be cistern and not fountains, we are told to contain and not flow, so why not flow our boundaries, why not provide the water of our knowledge to those around us. We all have a different streak of light and that light is what defines us, otherwise we would all become a series of cloned beings, following each other blindly and living within a box. It is ok to not understand logic at times, it is okay to be a little insane and it is always okay to take chances.

We really don’t want to realize what we have been missing out the moment we see our death approaching. That would be awful so why not live and let live till we still have time.

Read the book yesterday and really got a few bright sparks in my mind, do give a read to Paulo Coelho’s Veronika Decides to Die.