It is strange but true that for many of us, life comes in sharp blacks and whites, there isn’t any grey no matter how much we stress that a lot lies in grey. We grow up to be adults who are too sure and confident of what we have become but seldom do we realize that the values that we have used to shape ourselves up are in conflict with each other and this conflict shapes us up rather than the value itself.

I ventured into the professional life with some very high aims and some very solid convictions….mostly about how honest and dedicated i would be to my work but above all, how present and attached i would remain to my family and friends. It is very important for me to not only be aware of whatever goes on in my family but to be a part of that happening too…..because moments don’t wait for you, they just pass and you never know how late would you know that they have passed and then all you have is regret. This regret is what i don’t want to have in my life so this is the value that i had in my mind when i started out, that i have to give my best to all that i am attached to.

A sound degree, training, and luck got me to my dreams even before i had fully dreamt them, and here i was behind a desk with all the decisions and work in front of me and this interesting chapter started. But i got to hear one thing a lot more than i had ever imagined :/ and this was wrong totally wrong, every time i was balancing my work life and family life, i was told to let go the family part, let it pass because i can never be successful if i keep on compromising important time on the family……..yes like seriously.

Every time i heard this, it kind of like revoked the rebel inside me and i would move a step back from my work, as if i have committed some kind of an act that has hurt my family and so i would get closer to them to make up for it. I just couldn’t absorb the idea of being a mechanical figure that works like a log day in and out and then goes home late all puzzled, not knowing what was up with everyone, exchange a friendly formal dinner, go to bed and leave it early in the morning. I started to observe and i realized that there were many such robots that existed around me, they were highly successful people, devoted, composed, ethical, commendable…..but at the cost of their humanness….and this realization made them appear so repulsive to me.

There are people who have managed and balanced all aspects of their lives with ease and comfort. They are as good at all the things equally, and would work where it is required but would not miss to pass a smile where it is required. And above all, they are flexible and tomorrow does exist for them and this is how they manage their lives. And this is the professional that i wanted to be 🙂

So here i am putting this down knowing what my pet ate last night, the exam that my brother had yesterday, the drive that my dad took today…….and yes my work submissions are on time, and i have answered the emails too 🙂

Do not forget to breath before you take the next step…..we are all humans and trust me we look good being humans so better leave the robot-ness to the machines 😉


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