Disclaimer: This is written in pure humor, based on real life events of the writer……read with a light heart 🙂

Ya so it’s the usual me coming out of the class, tired as hell, the weather is all breezy and cloudy with a slight tinge of chill coming in from the nearby hills and there is greenery and this sweet fragrance all around the place that makes you sing happy love songs and brings a lightness to your feet…….see how cheerful i am today even though am tired.

So since i was all happy and everything, i thought lets do something today, something that might have been putting off for long and might be in desperate need of attention, so i recalled being told to change this and that (which i don’t want to mention to spoil my mood :p) about my attitude or personality that i don’t even remember now. SO anyways i thought to myself hey lets try some change today 🙂 

As we know that all things should be done in small steps, like don’t rush so i thought perhaps i could try a new flavor of juice today……it would be a change from my regular brand you see. So i went into the shop, carry all my cheery self with me, and i hummed as i went past my favorite mango juices and stopped at an alien refrigerator and picked up a pomegranate juice pack and quickly walked out, after getting done with the payments.I walked out like a victorious gladiator, my chest high and my trophy of change in my hand i wanted to tell everyone, Dude you know change?? I own it man 😉 I found a nice bench and sat down to savor my change. It seriously felt so good, i felt renewed and i swear the world just looked so bright with the change in my hand…..

I put in the straw, after reveling in the feeling for a while and took a deep breath as i took a huge sip. I gulped it down and all of a sudden the brightness kind of like faded out :/ The change was so tasteless…..i hated it. I was so angry why on all of the days i had to try change in this gorgeous day….after rolling my eyes for a good 5 minutes i went back into the shop and brought my loyal mango juice and the brightness came back and my taste buds and ego were laid to a peaceful rest.

This is exactly what happens to us when we take up something just for the sake of it, or just because someone told us to. We are all unique and different in our own ways…..and it does bug me at times that why can’t we not live with that uniqueness, i mean unless you are disrupting your life or the life of those around you, we have the right to live the way we want, of course with in the parameters of our loved one’s comfort….so the point was that unless we believe that its time for change we cannot change, it has to come from within. It is not a new suit that we can wear and flaunt for a day, its like a tan you pick it up and than have to live with it till it wears off and then eventually you get so used to it that you have to use tanning creams now 🙂

So my learning for today……..i don’t like change i mean pomegranate 😉 lol!!!

For the moment i would like to stay the way i am…..perhaps change is not far away…….but seriously guys what do you put into this pomegranate juice :/


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