My dad brought me this magnolia flower today……i just held it in my hands, closed my eyes, and took in its fragrance till i had a smile on my face. I had my eyes closed but a scene started forming through haze in my vision; i could see a small cottage, lush lawns that went into the adjoining river……the loud splashing sound of the clear ice cold water as it went growling over a bed of small round stones is all around me, along with my auditory sense, a very pleasant yet sharp fragrance was all over this lawn it was so dreamy like an addiction…..and the lawn is full of trees, peaches, apples, loquat, and the floral’s out of which one tree is in abundance, its short and stout and has large to medium sized shiny leaves, that almost seemed like they have been greased to look this sleek 😀

The tree has large heavy looking white flowers with yellow centers having flaky needle like pollen that would fall a handful the moment the flowers were touched or rocked and it had these thick broad petals that spread wide away from the pollen, these were the source of that dreamy fragrance….i remember asking my dad that what are these flowers and he had told me this is magnolia, one of the flowers with the most fragrant scent 🙂

I kept on looking at this flower today and was thinking about this scene that happened some 20 or 19 years ago, when we were on a vacation in the swat valley, northern Pakistan, the cottage was the Fishing Hut, Chakdara. 


This string of thoughts, the connections that our mind makes had always seemed so fascinating its like a river, one thing flowing into the other just like a pre-existing connection and every tributary mixes to form a new river. Life is a series of similar connection, we are all tied unto each other via known and unknown connections…..amazing isn’t it? 🙂


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