Mother’s Day…….i have seen people debating on why wish your mom today when you can’t spare a moment rest of the year, or why not go and hug your mom at any moment and so on and so forth……well i’d say that we do actually hug our moms everyday we all do but we don’t bring her flowers  everyday nor do we let her rest and shower her with gifts what wrong in having a day for that.

Mothers are there to be celebrated, they are the very reason we exist, technically as well as obviously. I can’t imagine to go a day without my mama, if i am away from home i make sure to hear that sweet voice on the phone quite a few times a day, only then can i sleep in peace. She is like an epitome of patience, to listen to all my crazy rants, she has that smile that lights up the dullest of my days and puts bandage on the deepest of my wounds, her voice is like liquor that makes me forget all the troubles of the day. She has such loving bright green eyes that every time they fall on me…i feel like no matter what happens i would always be safe. She always has words of wisdom no matter how awful a problem i come up with….lol…she knows the solution. And ohhh the taste in her hands, the amazing foods that she cooks i have yet to taste anything as magical….



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From head to toes all that i am is the hard work over the years of my mama, she molded and then held me as i grew and stumbled over the way….she gave me the confidence to stand tall among a group and know my worth. She gave me the confidence to trust my abilities and above all she trusts me more than i can ever trust myself. Its like bit by bit, day by day she transferred some part of herself into me…..i feel like flying high when someone say hey u resemble your mom…its like something out of this world for me.

Now for someone who gives you so much i think the least that we can do is to spare one day and to wish her and celebrate her existence is not that hard to do. So Happy Mother’s Day Mama

Love you loads :*


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