Have you ever thought that how would life or a scenario be if you were not a part of it……it might sound crazy be for a moment imagine, what if you were not a part of this moment, not sitting on this bed or couch, not hearing these sounds from the lounge or the birds outside your window… not being a part of the life of the people that you love.

Scary isn’t it :s

This thought often scares me….makes me shiver out of this feeling of not being known or not being in my comfort zone, amongst my people. There are many things that we go without thinking about, not acknowledging, not praising, and many a times not even realizing how blessed we are. This feeling makes me thankful for all that I have. Life is precious….

Now imagine not having some loved one in your life……..won’t make it too dramatic, just imagine not getting your daily coffee from the waiter who served you for an year or so, that would feel uncomfortable for a while right, and imagine it’s not someone whom you love it’s just someone whom you are used to. How horrible would that feel? Like I said life is precious but people who make our lives are even more precious. The little kid tugging at you jeans in the market while he looks for his mother, a youngster smoking weed somewhere in the street, a teenager fretting over her fizzy hair, to the old beggar on the road going around in his rags…….all of them are a part of someone’s life, they make someone’s life matter, they make someone’s effort for a living real.

Love yourself because this is how you would make the most of your life but love those around you more because they are the ones who bring substance into your life. Value those around you and you would see your own life finding substance. Keep smiling and spread the positivity 🙂


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