Spring is love…….its the season of hope and a reminder that no matter what happens, no matter where things go everything would eventually fall into its place and things would turn all colorful and bright in the end.

We do manage to find color even in the dullest of places if we have the intend to look for it so how can an eye miss the color that sprouts out of even the thickest brown barks and spread its fragrance far and beyond. I have always been fascinated by spring, be it the first blossom or the first bud of petunias or the first pansy flower it all grew on me like a feeling that made me sing and dance around and rejoice. I remember twirling under the willow trees and looking up at the sky as the wind blew my dress, i used to be feel like a little princess out of the disney stories, and it felt like the birds and butterflies sang with me. This is how spring still feels to me, the difference is just that back then i was around 6 or 7 years old, so i still go out and smile at the blossoms and smell the roses and stare at the petunias for hours but the birds don’t sing anymore because am not a disney princess u know 🙂


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I wonder at times that how beautiful those times were, when children used to grow up with an imagination they would have books in their hands and dreams in their eyes. Now they have ipads in their hands and dark circles around their eyes :/

It is pretty easy to talk about the changing values and the changing society, the acculturation that has lead to no-culture-at-all-situation didn’t just happen in a day, it took an entire generation to be born and raised like this. Hmmmm i lost my track… i was talking about spring YES its here again and it has grown all over me and am loving it.

So here is to hope and love and to all the beauty that spring holds let us all absorb it and ensure ourselves that every autumn is always followed by spring…… matter how prolonged the autumn is it has to eventually give in to the slow tugs of spring and make ways for it to turn the earth into a floral garden. Just hold on to that hope for a little longer and then see how everything sings and dances on your tunes 🙂

In the words of P. B. Shelly

“If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”


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