Moments of reflection are known to be illuminators that light up the dark alleys of our convoluted minds……they are yearned for by many to get a clearer perspective about who they are what they are and what they should be. But the irony is that we don’t even know what and when is the appropriate moment and the right way for a reflection.

It’s a moment of awakening that strikes us and suddenly all the smoke starts to shifts… comes after we have been tried hard, after we reach the point where we start to doubt all that we are and all that we are capable of. It is that weak moment that makes us lose all the hope, like a crippling soul we give all up and know that this is the end of what we saw as our own…the edge of the labyrinth after we have stopped stumbling all over it. And then we have an awakening like a sudden flash of light everything becomes clear…no we do not find the solution neither do we find an escape, we simply just take up the responsibility, we know that it’s us who have to stand up because we don’t actually have much to lose do we, like all along all we have is our own soul. We accept the challenges and give in to the nature’s will knowing that whatever comes out of it all would be good for me….all would end well eventually.

Lives of individuals are not mechanical; they don’t run under a rule, they are not moving in precise sequential stages… man’s sorrow might be another’s comfort. We can’t change and bend at one uphill in our life if we have a straight unbending or turning road behind and ahead of us. I don’t know much about the rules of success but I do know about the rule to satisfaction and that would be flexibility….be unwavering from what you believe in but be flexible enough to listen to what others say, maintain your individuality but create space for others to breath around you… the end it won’t matter how many people were happy with you but how many people were you happy around would matter more. We all live according to scripts, some are predetermined and some are formed by us all differently, individually for ourselves….they are our real strength, but of course with flexibility.

Have been hearing a lot recently about reflection, look in, dig in, dive deep, stir it all, move it all, shift it all, and transform it all……but it is not mechanical, we try and then laugh out because we know it does not work until that moment comes….so we have to wait for the right moment that we all have waiting for us J


2 thoughts on “The Illumination

  1. Dear author,
    In fact very nice peice of writing. I wish if I could read the missing part as well.

    Best wishes.
    Keep writing.

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